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Alang City Guide

Alang, which contains the largest ship-breaking yard in India, offers a spectacular sight to the tourists. The ship-breaking yards are positioned on the Gulf of Khambat, in the south-eastern corner of Bhavnagar district. The beach line of Alang is dotted with supertankers, large warships, container vessels, car ferries etc. that are broken down to the tiniest bit of scrap by over 20,000 laborers, who work day and night. The best time to visit Alang is between October and March. Alang is situated on the south-eastern corner of Bhavnagar. A host of domestic airlines offer flights to Bhavnagar from Mumbai (an international airport of India) and Surat. Bhavnagar is also-well connected by the railway network. It can be reached by the Western Railway Line. The distance from Mumbai via Ahmedabad is 761 km and it is 788 km if approached via Viramgam. A lot of state transport buses and luxury coaches are available which connect the various provinces and towns of Gujarat to Alang. The distance of Bhavnagar from Mumbai via Ahmedabad, when approached by the land route, is 791 km and is 200 km when approached from Ahmedabad via. Sihor. Alang is easily accessible from Bhavnagar, either by train, bus, auto or any other means of land transport. The city of Bhavnagar, founded by Bhavsinhji Gohil, was once renowned to be a prosperous and thriving port. However, all such activities had declined over the decades. Today, the maritime activities of Bhavnagar are centered at the ports of Ghoga and Alang. Alang used to boast of a spotless and immaculate beach line before it was converted into a ship-breaking yard in June 1983. However, this scrap yard provides a steady source of income for local inhabitants.